Collect Rent

Rent deposited right into your bank account.

Give your tenants the option to pay rent with credit cards, debit cards, or ACH processing (e-checks). Our secure payment processing feature, DirectPay, is PCI compliant and uses bank-level security to deposit rent payments directly into your bank account.

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Make paying rent convenient.

With Rennection's DirectPay feature, you can give your tenants the convenience of paying rent online using debit cards, credit cards, or ACH processing (e-checks).

Rent payments are deposited directly into your account saving you a trip to the bank. Our low $2.95 per transaction fee can be paid by either the renter or the landlord.

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Organize rental income records.

With DirectPay, you can easily keep track of your rental income. Rent payments are displayed for each tenant with the payment date, amount, and month.

DirectPay helps eliminate payment disputes since all rent payments are shown in your Rennection account. Plus, when tax season arrives, you will have all of your rental income data organized in one place.

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Bank-level security.

We've partnered with the best of the best payment processing companies to bring you DirectPay. We utilize Stripe to handle all of Rennection's processing.

All processing is PCI compliant with bank-level security to keep you and your tenant's payment information safe and secure.

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