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A proper rental application with tenant screening can greatly increase your ability to select qualified tenants. Rennection's DirectApply feature provides you with that information. And guess what, it's free for landlords.

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DirectApply by Rennection

Create your Rennection account to start receiving free online rental applications with tenant screening. Prospective tenants pay a low $39.95 processing fee with discounted pricing for students and spouses.

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  Experian® Credit Report
  Criminal Background Report
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Online Rental Applications

Rennection's online rental application includes the detailed information that you want and need to make informed rental decisions.

Applications include personal information, current and previous addresses, employment information, emergency contacts, vehicles, pet information, and references.

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Rennection Online Rental Applications

Experian® Credit Report

Can a prospective tenant afford your rental property? Credit reports can help give you an understanding of a tenant's current financial obligations.

Rennection's credit information contains a Experian® credit report showing the tenant's credit score, total debt liability, accounts currently in collection, and total debt past due.

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Criminal & Eviction Report

Rennection's criminal background and eviction history reports give you crucial information when selecting new tenants.

With every rental application we perform a national criminal background search and a national eviction history search. Plus, we provide this information at no cost to you.

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