Rental management
platform for landlords.

Screen tenants, collect rent,
and organize your rental records.


Rental  +  Connection  =  Rennection

We'll help you stay connected to your renters & rental properties.

Applications & Screening

Online rental application form with tenant screening.

Collect Rent Online

Rent payments are deposited into your bank account.

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance issues are organized in one place.


Rental applications with instant tenant screening.

Rennection's online rental application and tenant screening provide you with the information you need to make informed tenant decisions.

Receive a full rental application, Experian┬« credit report, criminal background report, and eviction history search.

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Rennection Tenant Screening

Collect rent online with bank-level security.

Rennection uses secure payment processing technology to accept online rent payments. Rent payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

Now your tenants can pay rent with credit cards, debit cards, or using ACH processing (e-checks).

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Rennection Collect Rent Online

Property management software for maintenance issues.

Most landlord-tenant legal issues could have easily been prevented with proper communication and documentation.

Our maintenance feature records the correspondence between you and your tenants. Tenants can upload images to give you a clear understanding of the problem.

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Rennection Maintenance Portal

Rental property management software.

A simple platform with sophisticated features to help you manage your rentals.

Online Rental Application

Receive free online rental applications from prospective renters. All the same information as the old paper applications, but now online.

Experian® Credit Report

Receive full credit reports from one of the major credit bureaus, conveniently displayed online and available to print as a PDF.

National Criminal History Report

Use the national criminal history report to help make informed decisions when selecting prospective tenants.

National Eviction History Report

The national eviction history report can help determine if prospective renters will be responsible rent paying tenants.

Collect Rent Online

Receive online rent payments directly into your bank account with all of your rental income records in one place.

Maintenance Portal

Keep property maintenance issues organized. Receive maintenance requests with a picture and a description of the problem.

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